Old World Enchantment


Don’t you wish you could walk down this magical, golden street, browsing shops for the perfect armload of Christmas gifts and memories? A young woman I once hosted for a week as an exchange student sent the card from Switzerland: “As I’m writing this postcard, it’s snowing outside in Zurich…”

It doesn’t snow outside where I live, but every Christmas Eve a couple residents from my town drive into the mountains with a pickup truck to haul down enough snow to build a town snowman. One. He’s our Frosty and our Winter Wonderland. He’s cold toes and nipped noses — and a good excuse to wear mittens so we can rub his icy belly.

And, oh how we love seeing him appear every year.snowman

Frosted Fun

glitterCan you tell that this joyous card is sprinkled with glitter on every icy crystal of snow? I have loved glitter-dusted cards since I was a child, tipping them back and forth to watch the light shimmer on winter woods and cozy cottages.

It seems old-fashioned now when publishers can print scenes on foil-finished card stock or add rainbow touches via light-refracting trim. Maybe that’s why I still love glitter on Christmas cards, a throwback to an earlier era — my era — when those tiny sparkles were fairy dust and snowflakes and magic.

I also like the card’s red cheeked girl. If the photo below were in color, you’d probably see red cheeks on me, too. While it only snows in snow globes where I live, you can drive up into the local mountains to find the white stuff. I’m not sure if my two-year old self knew what to make of that frosted landscape, but I’m sure that I loved how it glittered.

P.S. Love my plaid pants!

Winter Wonderland