My Yuletide Return

I’m baaaack! (Which you may have noticed with my kick-off post a couple of days ago). Yes, come the Christmas season and my concomitant yearning for a mailbox full of Christmas cards, I return to my blog, which celebrates all things sent, received, wrapped and anticipated.

With Christmas, our memories and boxes of old decorations feel renewed rather than recycled. And while we may never again be as wide-eyed as those first holidays of our childhood, the magic remains, waiting to be found and shared and, yes, MAILED.

So with a couple of photos from my own daughter’s first Christmas, welcome to the seasonal renewal of Post Whistle.

One Whole Year

orange CakePost Whistle is one year old today. For twelve months I’ve enjoyed researching the history of letters, studying vintage art and watching movies with mail.

I’ve been amazed how I find something new every time I reach into that lucky dip treasure trove we call the Internet.

Best of all, it’s given me a reason (excuse!) to delve into my own family’s past for letters and stories to share with you.

My first post on March 3, 2014 was about the first postcard I ever received. It was from my neighbor, Marianne, who was lucky enough to travel all the way to Iowa on her family vacation — a distant land indeed to my younger self in California.

I hope this will be the first year of many for Post Whistle because I’m having a whale of a good time exploring the world of mail. And as long as some of us still stick stamps on envelopes, the art of letter writing won’t be lost.