Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

christmas-mail-1Readers, are you still out there?

My mail ship veered off course for nearly a year. You can imagine all of the reasons — excuses — and none of them provides an adequate explanation. My life and the accompanying calendar just zoomed past at breathtaking speed. But as the holidays approach, my thoughts inevitably turn to Christmas cards and reconnections and this sadly neglected blog.

Maybe I should not promise to be a better correspondent in the future. Like the scrawled note at the bottom of a seasonal card, intentions are good, but distractions are many. So even if these electronic cards and letters are destined to post only sporadically in the future, let me say here and now HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Let’s begin a season of Christmas.

Fa La La La La

PutnamThe secret to a great holiday card is its universality — what works for Christmas will work equally well for Chinese New Year’s or Valentine’s Day or President’s Day.

I just received this cute little postcard from my publisher, G. P. Putnam’s Sons a couple of weeks ago. Because it has a February postmark, I know that it wasn’t lost in the mail somewhere. Publishing houses are busy places, and like me, they probably stretch their holiday wishes through more than one season.

Besides, the message on the back, “Wishing you a season full of high notes!” sounds as good to me now as it would have in December. My editor even added a little “Happy 2015!” to the back.

So maybe those of us who need more time to push all our greetings out the door should acknowledge that. Let’s eschew pine trees and jolly elves on our cards, and then any time of year can become “a season full of high notes.”