Christmas Mail


I hope by now we have all received a few Christmas cards to line up on our mantle or counter, to string above doors or hang from ribbons. Electronic cards are nice. They play songs and characters dance, but I can’t imagine saving the email to enjoy years hence as someone once did with this turn-of-the-last-century postcard.

I am always thankful to receive a few more tangible holiday memories in an intangible electronic world.

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

christmas-mail-1Readers, are you still out there?

My mail ship veered off course for nearly a year. You can imagine all of the reasons — excuses — and none of them provides an adequate explanation. My life and the accompanying calendar just zoomed past at breathtaking speed. But as the holidays approach, my thoughts inevitably turn to Christmas cards and reconnections and this sadly neglected blog.

Maybe I should not promise to be a better correspondent in the future. Like the scrawled note at the bottom of a seasonal card, intentions are good, but distractions are many. So even if these electronic cards and letters are destined to post only sporadically in the future, let me say here and now HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Let’s begin a season of Christmas.

Looking for Santa

christmas invite024I just love this invitation to a members day at The Huntington, which combines art museums, a rare book library and beautiful gardens in one setting.

The image is from a 1914 postcard titled “Looking for Santa” that is part of their collection. The peeling paper on the wing struts and visible cracking in the card are not damage to my invitation but rather a century’s wear and tear on the original.

redcoatThe little girl’s outfit reminds me of one my own mother wore as a child in the following decade of the 1920s. Our snapshot is black and white, but I tweaked her hat and coat because it felt like they would have been red, the perfect color to brighten winter’s gray days and long nights.

My biplane invitation not only kicks off the holiday season, but is also a “twofer” for this blog — a postcard in my mailbox based on one that arrived with someone else’s post 100 years ago.

May your own mailbox brim with tributes of the season in the coming weeks.