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Getting MailPost Whistle celebrates the world of non-electronic correspondence: letters lost and found; historic tales and tidbits ; and all the men, women and pen pals who put pen to paper.

New posts may appear as frequently as a couple per week or as sporadically as mail delivered by clipper ship. To receive emailed notification — like a blast on the postman’s whistle — when new posts appear, please subscribe to Post Whistle.

I’m hoping this blog also reminds me (and perhaps you) to add the occasional letter to the mix of emails and texts that keep modern life humming. Like slow cooking, slow mail lets the juices simmer.

Susan Lendroth

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2 thoughts on “About Post Whistle

  1. Ronna Mandel says:

    I miss letters from overseas! Not only did I have a British pen pal when I was in elementary school, but I still have several dozen European friends whose letters I so eagerly awaited before the move to email correspondence. Those cherished letters come no more. Nothing can replace the excitement I felt when the mailman arrived and I looked for the Par Avion or Air Mail sticker on a letter. I steamed off the stamps sometimes, too. Now I receive an occasional postcard, but it’s simply not the same. Few birthday cards are delivered from abroad, no letters. I mourn the loss of letter writing, but am as guilty as the next person, as I no longer send any either.

  2. Terry Lim Diefenbach says:

    I still am in contact with the pen pal I started writing to when I was 15 though not as often, probably because she doesn’t do email, so I plead guilty to a preference for electronic connections. Anticipated satisfaction connected with snail mail seems too slow for most of us now. Wonder if there’s a backlash to it coming our way – hopefully the PO will still be functioning by then . . .