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letter allianceSeveral other websites celebrate the world of mail, whether by sharing the correspondence of famous people, connecting modern day letter-writers with pen pals, or even elevating envelopes to an art form. I have no personal connection with any of these sites (other than joining the Letter Writers Alliance as a member), but here are some links you can explore. Remember, this is the wide open internet, so keep it safe if you decide to exchange mailing addresses with anyone.

The 52 Letters Project: blog with interesting stories and finds connected with the world of mail

International Correspondence Writing Month: challenges people to write one letter every day during the month of February (I’m lucky if  manage a letter or two during any month, but if you love a challenge…)

Letter Writers Alliance: an organization for modern day correspondents; they host events and offer special access pages to members

Letters of Note: posts fascinating letters from famous people

The Missive Maven: a letter writing blog that extols the virtues of snail mail

More Love Letters: urges people to write letters of affirmation and leave them for strangers to find; also lets you nominate people for a bundle of love letters

Pushing the Envelopes: decorated envelopes and mail art

Shapell Manuscript Foundation: offers a collection of letters of notable individuals

Smithsonian Postal Museum Blog: some fascinating stories; I once wrote a guest blog for them about Dorsey the mail-carrying dog

Snail Mail My Email: a project I find a bit odd where strangers volunteer to turn a person’s email into snail mail, but hey, if you need a middle man…

Snail Mail Pen Pals for Adults: A fairly self-explanatory title!

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  1. patlandon5 says:

    SUSAN-Happy 2017~Upcoming writing events “INCOWRIMO” (international correspondence writing month),feel free to signup at the address-book portion of the site.Write a letter everyday in FEBRUARY,a sure way to combat winter blues and use your fountain pens! Keep an eye out or “LETTERMO”, a month of letters over at that site, as well.
    Best to you-patricia landon/