Small Packages

little-cardsIn praise of little cards and half-sized envelopes, of compact illustrations and cute designs, the ultimate small packages of Christmas cheer!

Most of our cards and letters come in standard sized envelopes, but mailing the miniature is not a new concept. Sometimes very tiny envelopes were used a century or more ago, perhaps the better to quickly hide in one’s hand away from prying eyes.

But whether your mail overflows the box or tucks into a very tiny corner of it, here’s hoping there’s lots of it.

5 thoughts on “Small Packages

  1. Terry Lim Diefenbach says:

    Love the idea of tiny! Here some thoughts/guesses about the ‘paid’ note: Is this an exception? (the PO ran out of stamps??) Maybe a stamp would not leave enough space for the address? (But on the other hand I don’t know the stamp sizes of the time) Well, whatever the reason, you’ve got a precious little envelope with a mystery story. Happy Holidays and may many whatever-sized cards find you this Christmas!

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