A Very English Christmas


Since Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol nearly 175 years ago, the British have occupied a special corner of the market when it comes to yuletide cheer. Just check out these amazing Wallace and Gromit postage stamps.

I don’t really like plum pudding, but I want to serve that gigantic holly-bedecked cannonball for dessert. And note the paper crowns worn in the first and third stamps, the type of tissue paper hats found inside Christmas crackers. I am such an anglophile that I have been foisting that custom on my American family for the past 20 years.crackers

Finally, even the British postman’s red bag seems more seasonally apt. So, here’s wishing us all a holly-filled, paper-crown topped season of joy. Happy Christmas, one and all!postmen-in-the-uk

3 thoughts on “A Very English Christmas

  1. Terry Lim Diefenbach says:

    My comment just disappeared so I hope this is not a duplicate: the Wallace and Gromit stamps are amazing. And the (obligatory?) queenly silhouette adds to the comical tone!
    Happy Christmas to you and Kyla.

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