The Game’s Afoot!


Imagine a world where mail at Christmas — and any other time of the year — was so ubiquitous, you could devise a game around it. I know nothing about this Victorian board game entitled Christmas Mail except that it was once sold to and played by families more than a century ago.

What might have been the objective — to deliver more letters than anyone else, to receive more cards, or perhaps to maneuver past obstacles like snowed in mountain passes or spooky forests to place children’s Christmas wish lists into the hands of the big guy in red?

Whatever that game’s original goals, my own game of Christmas Mail has but two: send out Christmas cards in time for friends and family to open them by December 25th (a date I don’t always meet), and maybe collect a few from my mailbox in return.

3 thoughts on “The Game’s Afoot!

  1. Phoebe Conn says:

    You made me curious and I tried Christmas Mail Game on Google. Here are the rules: Players read addresses on “letter” cards at the beginning of the game then vied to be the first to deliver all their letters to the correct addresses on the board.

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