Christmas Shopping


When did Christmas shopping become a chore to complain about or a campaign to begin strategizing around Thanksgiving? If only it could consist of a small (already decorated!) tree and a couple of baskets of dolls as in this delightful card from my friend, Andrea.

Maybe it’s because we feel we have to find gifts for a list of people for whom we’ve been buying gifts for decades, and we have simply run out of ideas. And because money usually IS an object, we can’t just blithely order gold-tipped fountain pens or Tiffany pendants. (Or maybe gift-buying would still be a problem if we could buy anything, because then our recipients would already have everything).

It seems so much easier when buying for children. Every stuffed animal is a wonder; every small whiz bang toy a delight. I remember one year when my daughter fell in love with a decorated gum ball a friend of mine gave her as a casual additional gift. She thought it the BEST THING EVER, far superior to most of her more expensive, and even requested, presents.

Let’s hope for a few inspired gum balls in the gifts we distribute this year and perhaps a flash of that wonder when we unwrap our own packages this holiday season. Remember, everyone out there is trying to be a good Santa’s helper.

I’ll leave you with this photo of my mom and her mom and a crazy big doll that I like to imagine was her favorite toy one holiday season.


                                      Carlyn & Selma

2 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping

  1. Phoebe Conn says:

    Wonderful photo of your mother and grandmother! I’ve been giving gifts from the Heifer foundation.
    I’m partial to bees, or chicks. It’s possible to buy a part of a goat or llama, but I hope to work up to a water buffalo gift to a family who needs one.

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