Frosted Fun

glitterCan you tell that this joyous card is sprinkled with glitter on every icy crystal of snow? I have loved glitter-dusted cards since I was a child, tipping them back and forth to watch the light shimmer on winter woods and cozy cottages.

It seems old-fashioned now when publishers can print scenes on foil-finished card stock or add rainbow touches via light-refracting trim. Maybe that’s why I still love glitter on Christmas cards, a throwback to an earlier era — my era — when those tiny sparkles were fairy dust and snowflakes and magic.

I also like the card’s red cheeked girl. If the photo below were in color, you’d probably see red cheeks on me, too. While it only snows in snow globes where I live, you can drive up into the local mountains to find the white stuff. I’m not sure if my two-year old self knew what to make of that frosted landscape, but I’m sure that I loved how it glittered.

P.S. Love my plaid pants!

Winter Wonderland

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