Fruitcake Defense


Abigail Samoun, my editor at Tricycle Press, sent me this card. Although I laughed, honesty compels me to say I LIKE fruitcake. I even love some fruitcakes, so none ever sits around long enough to become fossilized in my home.

Tricycle published my first picture book, Why Explore?, as well as two additional books. However, as an imprint of Ten Speed Press, it was acquired along with that company by a larger publisher five years ago, and poor Tricycle was disbanded.

But Abigail and I have a happy ending. We continue to work together because she is now my literary agent.

So Abi, I’m still waiting for my fruitcake, fossilized or otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Fruitcake Defense

  1. Kerry Johnson says:

    I just made a traditional fruitcake this year. Aged in brandy for two months, it brought a smile to many faces and then quickly disappeared.

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