Summer Santa

summer santa 3Growing up in California, I knew that the weather was more likely to turn warm than bitter cold for Christmas. Despite that climate reality, we have always “played” at winter during the holidays. Temperatures might drop down to the 50s or 60s, and every retailer knows that the mindset for Christmas shopping is “Brrrrrrrrr!”

So mannequins sport sweaters and mufflers, fake snow drapes window displays and we all fantasize about crackling fires and roasting chestnuts.

However, in those parts of the world never touched by cold snaps or climatologically reversed from Old World winters (like Australia), Santa has traded his trousers for swimming trunks and his fur trim for flippers.

Say hello to the Summer Santa!

My friend, Carol Buck, sent the top card from Hawaii — “Mele Kalikimaka” from a world of tropical reefs and year-round snorkeling, though I have no idea how Santa and Rudolph constructed theirs. Bamboo?

summer santa 2A different friend, also named Carol, sent Santa in an outrigger canoe, his reindeer paddling happily with him (perhaps because they finally ditched Rudolph and his “nose so bright”). A rainbow paints the sky, and their destination is just visible as the tip of a rocky shore.

I love how plumeria rather than sleigh bells decorate the struts of the canoe.

Finally, Helen in Melbourne, Australia sent me surfing Santa and his greeting of “Happy Christmas.” Those waves prove a challenge for most of the elves, but Santa sure knows how to ride his board.

And if you are enjoying a traditional December of cold and ice where you live, warm your hands for a moment with these Summer Santas.

summer santa 1

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