Meeting Santa

huntingtonIt’s fun to receive invitations in the mail, isn’t it? Even when they are mass produced.

Once again the Huntington (museum, library and gardens) has used an antique postcard to create their invitation to members to meet Santa. My daughter is grown but still likes to pose with the magic man in the red suit, so perhaps we will go and enjoy the late autumn colors in the gardens. Nothing like a visit with Santa to start the holidays humming.

santa and kid

7 thoughts on “Meeting Santa

  1. Terry Diefenbach says:

    Lovely photo! On my old schedule, December 5/6 are very appropriate days to have a Santa celebration. When I was young, we used to get our shoes (I don’t know why shoes!) ready for Saint Nicholas (“Sinterklaas” in Dutch) on the night of the 5th so he could fill them with presents for a happy kids’ morning of the 6th!

  2. Sherrie Lendroth says:

    Cute photo and I really like the nostalgia postcard. It looks like St. Nick is driving a cross between a coach & a car rather than a sleigh.

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