Lost and Found: At an Estate Sale

Kenney 2I used to visit a lot of yard and estate sales. Most of the time, I just browsed through someone else’s bric-a-brac, searching for pieces that were a good fit for me. But sometimes I ran across old photos or postcards, and was saddened that someone’s memories were selling for a quarter or two.

So I love this story with a happy ending for a family memory.

Jim Kenney wrote to his sweetheart Mary from onboard the U.S.S. Arogonne on November 7, 1942. Three years later they eloped, and were married for 64 years.

Kenney 3

Kenney 1Somehow the letter ended up at an estate sale in Missouri, and an anonymous buyer sent it to Jim Kenney’s grandson in Pennsylvania with a post-it note: “Hello, found this in an estate I purchased and thought you might want it back.”

Jim passed away just a year ago, and his obituary listed the family business to which the letter was addressed. For Jim’s son and grandson, it’s an amazing gift from the past.

Watch their story on the news here (note that the embedded link does not show up with all versions of the Safari browser):