Cutting-Edge Christmas

drone deliveriesWhile many of our traditional holiday images are firmly rooted in the decorated trees, pine garlands and red velvet bows of Victorian England, every era adds its own modern take on the season.

Hip suburbanites put up shining aluminum trees in the 50s and hung astronaut-shaped ornaments on them in the 60s, so why not a card of festive drones delivering gifts in 2014?

Robotic drones appear frequently in headlines today, from citizen groups expressing outrage over their use to the need for laws governing their flights over our cities. I spotted this holiday card in my work break room along with a box of Belgian chocolates from USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies — a slew of candy-cane striped drones bearing gifts for the inhabitants of planet Earth.

Whatever regulations may be needed for the drones of the future, I’ll welcome any method that delivers chocolate to me!

One thought on “Cutting-Edge Christmas

  1. Sherrie Lendroth says:

    Yep the drones are probably on there way to be common place. About a week ago one of the AM tv shows covering cool Xmas gifts featured a drone with camera one could buy. Same week I even saw some guy flying a drone toy outside an Encino Taco Bell.

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