Awkward Holiday Portraits

Awkward Pet PortraitsWe’ve all seen them, maybe even sent them — the awkward holiday portrait greeting cards. That’s why I love the antlered duo on this card sent by Mike and Irena. I think it perfectly captures the “You’ve got to be kidding” feelings of the headdress-wearing cat and dog.

Of course, I’m guilty of taking a few awkward pet portraits myself.

Like this one of cats Mickey and Piwacket with a festive garland. I had to snap the shutter fast before Pi started eating the tinsel strands.

Pi in garland

Or this one of Mickey in a baby bonnet. I can offer no excuse…

Mickey in bonnet

2 thoughts on “Awkward Holiday Portraits

  1. Jacquie Mendenhall says:

    I never did understand why people do this to animals they profess to love! And like the dog on the card, I bet they are having some rather intense thoughts about the perpetrators!

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