Laughing with Mom

Reindeer GamesMy mom sent the Christmas cards from herself and my dad, just as she usually wrote the letters and postcards over the years. Normally she chose something traditional, a Currier and Ives styled winter scene or perhaps a religious theme.

That’s why I was both surprised and delighted to receive this silly card from her in 2009. She wrote, “Just thought you would get a kick out of this.”

I did, and I still do.

Study those deer for a moment. I think the eye patch might be my favorite touch. And doesn’t the front left reindeer have a red nose — Rudolph with his hoof in a sling?

A silly card in years past stood out among the depictions of decorated trees, smiling Santas and snow-swathed English villages. Now, a hand-addressed envelope arriving in the mailbox is distinction enough.

But I’m glad Mom chose to make me laugh when she sent this scene from extreme reindeer games because it reminds me how much she enjoyed a good chuckle. Here’s Mom opening her presents on Christmas morning in 2009, the same year she sent me the card.

Mom opening Christmas presents


6 thoughts on “Laughing with Mom

  1. Jacquie Mendenhall says:

    Thanks for this, it does remind me of your Mom’s sense of humor. I still remember when we went to tea, and I’m sure we disturbed all the other people in the quite tearoom because we just kept laughing and laughing….loudly!

    • Susan Lendroth says:

      When Mom started laughing loud and long in movie theaters, I remember my dad saying, “Tell your mother to be quiet.” 🙂

  2. Phoebe Conn says:

    I’ve saved all the cards from my mother. My father was once band director at USC, and she preferred cards with decorated french horns, etc. My accountant sends the funny cards!

  3. Sherrie Lendroth says:

    Very funny. You know it kind if looks like there is a bed pan on the floor next to the Reindeer in bed on the IV.

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