Film Friday: Christmas in Connecticut

Christmas in connecticutChristmas in Connecticut, a 1945 comedy starring Barbara Stanwyck, is one of my favorite holiday films. And since the action is precipitated by a letter, it’s the perfect choice for the last Film Friday before Christmas.

Made in 1945 during World War II, the movie opens with two sailors stranded on a raft after their ship is torpedoed. One sailor, played by Dennis Morgan, dreams of all the delicious meals he’d like to be eating.

Chistmas in Connecticut 2After he’s rescued, his nurse writes a letter to a publisher, explaining that the sailor has no family. She requests that the magazine’s famous cooking columnist, Elizabeth Lane, invite him to spend Christmas on her farm with her and her husband and child.

There’s only one problem with this plan: Elizabeth, played by Stanwyk, has neither farm nor husband nor baby, and she won’t have a job either if her publisher finds out that she and the editor have made up her entire lifestyle. Elizabeth doesn’t even know how to cook!

Chistmas in Connecticut 3The ensuing romp includes baby mix-ups, sleigh rides, walking a cow and flipping pancakes to the ceiling. It’s frothy, old-fashioned Hollywood fun. And where else will you hear the line, “He’s sending me a sailor for Christmas”?

Film Friday: Do you give Christmas in Connecticut your stamp of approval?

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3 thoughts on “Film Friday: Christmas in Connecticut

  1. Jeanne Lambson says:

    I have seen this. Speaking of obscure Christmas movies – what about the Lemon Drop Kid that stars Bob Hope? It is one of our family favorites.

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