Where’s Home for Christmas?

Bullet Train SantasI enjoy receiving Christmas cards that have a sense of place, preferably a place very different from my own. My friend Tomoko, who lives in Tokyo, sent the wonderful card that opens this post.

In a snowy landscape we have Santa AND Mrs. Claus flying overhead behind six reindeer, dropping decorations like wreaths and candy canes from the sky. Meanwhile multiple Santas are leaping from one of Japan’s famed shinkansen, or bullet trains, but I’m not sure why. Maybe to pick up the falling decorations? In the background, Mt. Fuji rises in winter splendor. I love this card!

Cajun ChristmasMy childhood friend Leigh Anne sent a very different flavored greeting from Louisiana, where the crawfish are dancing in the pot to Santa’s lively zydeco tunes.

Gumnut BabiesGumnut (or bush) babies decorate a card from Audree, who lives in Melbourne. Children’s author May Gibbs wrote a series of stories — well known Down Under — about fairies called gumnuts that live in spicy-scented gum (eucalyptus) trees.

Madeline cardAnd finally, we come to France where “In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines…” And of course the smallest one was Madeline. This Madeline card didn’t actually come from France, but it was sent by my former high school French teacher. I think that counts.

3 thoughts on “Where’s Home for Christmas?

  1. Sherrie Lendroth says:

    Love the variety of cards you received. One of my favorite times of receiving was when I worked at American Intetmational Pictures (AIP). Every year the owner Samuel Z. Arkoff would mail employees cards a festive colorful family photo card he created this long before other celebs or public was doing it.

  2. Phoebe Conn says:

    What a wonderful selection of cards. I don’t know about the crawfish dancing while they’re being cooked though! I want to read May Gibbs stories about the gumnuts. I’ll look for them.

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