Christmas Mail

Air Mail ChristmasRudolph stampWhile my sister often sends funny cards, this year she sent me the perfect mail-themed missive, complete with airmail trim — guaranteed to put me in the holiday mood. And check out the Rudolph stamp and Santa postmark from the envelope!

However, I question the little robins pecking away at the snow with blithe unconcern. I remember what happened when my parents’ dog Jedi did not keep track of the sled I was riding one Christmas morning when it snowed at their house. I ran right into the poor dog and he nipped me. His mother, TyTy, had the good sense to keep out of the way (at least in the photo below).


3 thoughts on “Christmas Mail

    • Susan Lendroth says:

      The sled — borrowed from a neighbor — scared her. My parents weren’t in the habit of taking to the slopes!

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