Film Friday: Christmas Mail

Christmas Mail 2I wanted to like a movie that began with letters zipping through a maze of slots, stackers and conveyor belts in a gigantic postal facility. However, scenes in a post office, no matter how cool, were not enough to save the made-for-television movie Christmas Mail.

Meet the Main Characters

  • nice guy Matt Sanders (A. J. Buckley) would rather be a guitarist but takes care of his orphaned niece when not delivering mail
  • pretty Kristi North (Ashely Scott) arrives at post office to answer letters to Santa — by hand with a pen topped with a feather — and seems to have mysterious antecedents, Santa as Dad?

Christmas Mail 3Let Me Sum Up the Plot

Mailman meets new girl. Bad boss makes trouble. Cute kid tries to pair them up (mailman and girl, not mailman and boss). Mailman eventually hits the rock and roll road again, along with his niece, Kristi and Kristi’s dog. The dog barks.

If you enjoy letters and romance and Christmas, you might be tempted to watch Christmas Mail. And if you REALLY like all things postal, perhaps scenes of floor to ceiling sorting machines paired with “The March of the Toy Soldiers” will be reason enough for you to try it. But at the risk of sounding like Scrooge, I’d advise you to pick something else.

Film Friday: If you watched Christmas Mail, what did you think? 

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