Now I Feel Old

092d70539fcd78f77a72234d9f2353bb1415066545_fullGodzilla is 60? Impossible! Next thing you know they’ll be saying Superman is in his 70s.

But it must be so because Setagawa ward in Tokyo has just presented Godzilla with an official letter of appreciation. In Japan, 60 used to be the traditional age of retirement, but the old monster just starred in a new film and shows no inclination to sit kibbitzing in a lawn chair at Golden Acres.

I remember watching Godzilla movie reruns as a child on black and white TV. I still recall one nightmare about the building-stomping lizard. In my dream, my sister and I sat in the back of the family station wagon, dressed in our pajamas. (Remember being out late and having your parents make you put on PJs so you could go straight to bed when you returned home?) I picked up my quilted robe from the back of the car and found either a kid without a head or a head without a kid — time has blurred that detail. Either way, I KNEW it was the work of Godzilla and that he would be coming for us next…

But now Godzilla has turned 60. He’s eligible for the senior discount at many restaurants and perhaps has become more cautious of his knee joints, preferring to lumber around skyscrapers instead of crushing them in his path.

I feel old.

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2 thoughts on “Now I Feel Old

  1. Phoebe Conn says:

    The original GODZILLA with Raymond Burr gets my vote as the best. Of course, it was the first of the Japanese monster movies and came in the 1950s when kids had bomb drills at school.

    • Susan Lendroth says:

      Duck and cover — remember it well from the 60s.I always wondered how it would help if we were nuked, but we were obedient little Dick and Jane kiddies back then, so under our desks we went.

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