Postcards in the Round

round postcard 3My friend Mary Kay Goodwin sent me this postcard from Innsbruck, Austria when we were still in high school.

She wrote: “I’ve bought lederhosen, a sweater, ski jacket and lots of other things,” and that she had lots of slides to show me when she got back.

Europe seemed impossibly far away back then. My own family vacations had not ventured further east than Colorado, and I had never flown on a plane. So why not a round post card from such distant climes? The cheese-wedge design makes sense for an alpine nation.

But the round format obviously spread beyond Swiss and Austrian borders (and their cheese overtones) because a few years later I sent a couple of round cards home to my sister Sherrie from Australia.

I even took advantage of the shape to vent my ill-humor against life by writing one letter in a tight spiral. Reading it is a dizzying exercise but demonstrates what a tenacious little twerp I was to keep turning the card as I penned my tale.

My comeuppance is deciphering it now so you won’t have to spin your computer screen to read it. (Not to mention revealing my inner geekdom in the last lines of the letter.)

round postcard 1“Dear Sherrie, I am not in too good a mood, so I decided to write this letter  to you in a mind boggling style as it will cheer me up considerably to think of how you will become dizzy trying to make some sense out of it! A cruel motive, but that’s the mood I’m in. Actually, I fell in love with these animal cards and wanted to send you one. Remember that card you sent me  a couple of months ago that just said “Shit”  on the front of it? Well, I’ve put it up in my room again as it expresses my feelings to a T. This morning Caroline and I were downtown for breakfast and to take a few pictures. We stopped in at the Southern Cross Hotel for tea and croissants. Someplace between my paying the bill and walking out the door, I put my wallet in my purse — but unfortunately missed the purse. When I got home, I discovered my walletless state. I called the hotel, but no luck. There wasn’t much money in it, but I had all sorts of I.D. cards there, and I like my wallet for sentimental reasons as well. The weekend wasn’t all bad. Caroline and I went to a Star Trek convention on Saturday night and saw 5 episodes in giant living color, plus  a reel of bloopers that was hilarious. You never were a Star Trek lover, were you? School is almost over and I’m ecstatic. I really need a holiday badly. Bye, Bye, Sue”

So, have you ever written in the round? Do shops even sell round post cards anymore?

round postcard 2

8 thoughts on “Postcards in the Round

    • Susan Lendroth says:

      I don’t think so — I was the geekier of the two of us back then. Now we’re probably neck and neck…

  1. Susan L says:

    Love it; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a round postcard like that. Just picturing Mary Kay in lederhosen-the image doesn’t match! Maybe they were a gift. RIP Mary Kay.
    Funny that you would send Sherrie your “I’m in a bad mood” card. Hopefully, the exercise in writing in a tight spiral cheered you up!

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