Doodles and Doodlers

doodle025When letters were common, they made good scratch paper. My mom, Carlyn Lendroth, doodled on the back of this envelope, and because she saved the letter, she saved the doodles.

Like an insect trapped in amber, her notes and drawing capture a slice of time from life at home.

Newporter’s on Jamboree Rd was a hotel in Newport Beach. My parents weren’t the kind of folks to stay overnight somewhere that was less than an hour’s drive from home, so perhaps they were meeting someone at the restaurant.

I have no idea what Mom was calculating with her columns of figures, but I hope it had nothing to do with my college expenses (it was my letter home in that envelope).

As for the languid torso of a woman, that was typical Mom. She studied fashion design in her early 20s and never stopped sketching women. When I was a little girl, she drew ladies in fluffy gowns for me to color with crayons.

I inherited the doodle bug from Mom and still idly draw on margins and scratch paper. Except at work. I’ve tried to stop doodling there after I once looked around a conference table and realized that no one besides me had drawn a single star, cat or leaf on their notepads.


fashion sketch

7 thoughts on “Doodles and Doodlers

  1. Sherrie says:

    Ah doodles I used to that when I was younger but never as artistically as you and mom. Never had the flair for art.

  2. Phoebe Conn says:

    Your mother’s drawings were superb. Have you thought of having them made into greeting cards? The Fashion Institute downtown, FIDM, sells notecards with fashion drawings like hers. They have such a sweet retro look. I’d buy some.

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