Honesty Test Results So Far

letter 2One week into my grand experiment to see whether passersby will drop into the postbox letters they find in public places, and I’m excited to announce DELIVERIES!

Of the five I launched upon the world, two have hit their marks. My friend Susan received a letter that I left on a computer desk in a public library, and my sister Sherrie had delivered one that I tucked behind me in a hotel lobby chair. That means California has achieved a 40% return rate. The British are proving more reliable so far, but then P.G. Wodehouse, the inspiration behind this honesty test, was English after all.

One thought on “Honesty Test Results So Far

  1. Phoebe Conn says:

    Some people may have picked up your letter but simply haven’t yet gotten it into the mail. I hope more turn up to better California’s percentage.

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