Silent Past

I never knew either of my grandmothers. Both died when my parents were young. My mom remembered just snatches about hers, a sunshine yellow dress, a dance together in the hallway, her mother patting her to sleep at night. We have photos of that laughing, vibrant young woman named Selma, but not a single letter to hear her voice. Not one.

In their absence, in place of the bubbling words she might have written, I offer a pictorial tribute to my grandmother Selma and her BFF Myra, along with the suggestion that you drop a letter in the mail to one of your good friends. Because our voices are important.

Middle school

Selma Myra
Myra & Mom Selma and Mom

 Myra & Selma

2 thoughts on “Silent Past

  1. Phoebe Conn says:

    I love the big bows in their hair. Selma and Myra look like they would have been fun to know. I do write letters to a college friend. We’ve kept up our correspondence all these years, and I look forward to receiving her letters.

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