Will Strangers Mail My Letters?

letterWhile I didn’t throw the envelopes out my window Wodehouse-style, I have left a handful of letters around town to see if Californians will pass the so-called honesty test.

As I posted at the beginning of this month, English author P.G. Wodehouse famously claimed that he tossed mail from his window, confident that passersby would drop the letters in the postbox. The story might not be true, but that hasn’t stopped the British from testing the theory with mail left lying around villages and cities. Depending on the locale, 50-85% of those letters made it to their destinations. I had to wonder how well Americans would do.

letter 2I wrote five letters on tropical-themed stationery I found at home (definitely pre-texting, possibly pre- email!). I chose not to tempt strangers with notecards in case they imagined money tucked inside.

Of course, five letters is a small number for a test, but knowing the handwritten pages might vanish without a trace dampened my enthusiasm for writing more.

Parking lotThe letters are now out there, “lost” in a parking garage, hotel lobby, Chinese take-out restaurant, library and supermarket. I felt like a spy making a drop every time I left one. Will someone wonder why I am tucking this behind me on a chair? Did anyone see the envelope fall to the floor? I always walked away expecting someone to call after me, “Ma’am, you forgot something!”

I’m excited to see what happens. Come on California, mail those letters! I’ll let you know the final score in a few weeks.

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