Found Stationery

Letters on magazine pagesDo you ever wonder who buys all of the beautiful boxes of stationery in card shops? Someone must be writing letters on it, but few are sent my way. Still, even when letter-writing was a common pastime, I didn’t always use “store-bought” stationery or postal aerogrammes.

I gathered sheets of letterhead from hotel and motel rooms to use long after I had moved on somewhere new. Disposable paper place mats in restaurants offered large writing surfaces and a way to pass the time until the server brought my meal. I wrote on notebook paper at school, striped computer paper when the old printers at work spit out blank pages between data, and even the occasional paper bag.

Therefore, I am proud to see my daughter carrying on the family tradition, writing long letters to friends on illustrations ripped from magazines. Not only does she write actual letters in our post-snail mail era, but she creates recycled works of art.