Letter Writers Alliance

letter allianceBeing a letter writer in an age of texting, emails, and Snapchat can sometimes be a little lonely. You send letters; your family calls to thank you. You send postcards; your friends upload their vacation news on Facebook. You write 795 words on three pages of robin’s egg blue stationery, and the recipient tweets “Wow, a letter!”

Those of us who send slow mail accept this reality. We enjoy writing and mailing physical letters. Still, sometimes we long to receive them in return.

Don’t despair — other correspondents exist in the world, and there are websites and organizations that will help you find them. You can also read fabulous letters written by interesting people, and sometimes sent to other interesting people.

letter wrter019I recently joined the Letter Writers Alliance, and for $5.00 lifetime dues received a patch and a membership card in a highly decorated envelope. Plus, as a member, I now have access to the member pages that include invitations to letter writing socials, a pen pal swap, member designed stationery, etc.

I’ve created a page on Post Whistle listing some of the other blogs and websites that celebrate the world of mail. On a planet of seven billion people, there are bound to be more letter writers than you imagine!