Film Friday: Mail Order Bride


Nice promo shot, but the movie has no mail bags.

Made for the Hallmark Channel, this TV western is not the best movie imaginable about letters, brides or the West, but it is ABOUT letters, brides and the West, so if you really need a postal fix… The film opens on handsome cowboy Beau Canfield (Cameron Bancroft), reading a letter on horseback. Dear Beau, As for all those questions of yours: Yes, I can swim; yes, I can bait a hook. Did I tell you I can toss a blueberry in the air and catch it in my mouth? And yes, I will be your bride… Alas, his correspondent, Jenn, is dying of tuberculosis, so when her con artist friend Diana (Daphne Zuniga) needs to get out of town fast, Jenn hands Diana the letters and says, “Take these and go; be my second chance.” Diana hightails it to Beau’s small ranch in Wyoming, and a somewhat predictable plot of bad guys, range wars and redemption follows. But the lush high country scenery is breathtaking, and Diana does catch blueberries in her mouth while pretending to be Jenn. Film Friday: If you see it, let us know what you think of Mail Order Bride.

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