Ladies with Letters: The Mending

Eugen_von_Blaas_-_The_Love_Letter_1904The heaped basket says there’s work to be done, but who can think of mending when spring is in the air and someone has a love letter to share. That’s right, it’s another piece entitled The Love Letter, this one painted by Eugene von Blaas in 1904. An Italian painter born to Austrian parents, von Blaas made his home in Venice.

Unlike the wealthier subjects of most paintings that pose ladies with letters, these young women appear to be servants or members of a more modest household. I love how each woman reacts differently to the letter. The one on the left looks as if caught mid question—”So who is he, Maria? Has he kissed you yet?” The dark haired beauty in the yellow kerchief appears to hang on every word. Her companion raises one hand to her chin, eyes shyly downcast. Is the letter too steamy for her modest ears?

As for the young woman reading aloud, her red stockings and cheeky half smile depict a lively and engaging personality. Behind them, trees blossom in a cloud of pink and white.

Centuries may pass, but talking over boys with the girls never changes.

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2 thoughts on “Ladies with Letters: The Mending

  1. Phoebe Conn says:

    I just found this poem by Sappho (630-570 BC) The title is Blame Aphrodite

    It’s no use Mother dear, I can’t finish my weaving.
    You may blame Aphrodite

    Soft as she is, she has almost killed me with
    love for that boy.

    I can imagine girls sitting at their looms giggling over the boys. It never ends.

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