Ladies with Letters: Roses for You

charles_trevor_garland blogWhether you’re celebrating as a mother or with your mother tomorrow, or remember making cards and picking flowers for her years ago, Happy Mother’s Day!

When my daughter was seven, she made me breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day, proudly telling me how she toasted the bread three times in a row to “make it extra crispy.” Now that she’s grown, I request homemade scones in lieu of extra crispy toast. Do you remember making breakfast in bed for your mom?

Charles Trevor Garland painted this charming portrait of a young girl holding roses and a ribbon-bound letter.  A 19th century British painter, he often depicted children and pets, two themes dear to the hearts of his Victorian audience.

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Happy Mother’s Day


2 thoughts on “Ladies with Letters: Roses for You

    • Susan Lendroth says:

      I did get scones, and they were “Ahhhhh…” Happy Mother’s Day to you, too.

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