A Tooth Fairy Tale

Missing front teethMy daughter lost her first tooth down the drain. Her friends at school had been losing teeth for months, so mine was anxious to show off a gap and to swap the tooth for largesse from the Tooth Fairy.

Wiggling that tooth for days had done nothing, but it popped out while she brushed her teeth and swirled down the drain before she realized what happened. She lay on the carpet and wailed.

I wrote a note to explain the circumstances to the Tooth Fairy. We even taped a grain of rice to it as a substitute offering. And the Tooth Fairy, being one of the less temperamental magical folk, still swapped $5.00 for the note (and the rice). Subsequent teeth only earned $1 each but that first tooth, whether under the pillow or the sink, was special.

After my daughter’s experience, I enjoyed reading how an elementary school in Canada handled a lost tooth. A little girl named Avery lost her loose tooth in class. The teacher gave her a “tooth chest necklace”—how cool is that?—to keep it safe until she went home. However, Avery fell during recess  and popped the tooth out of her necklace. Despite searching the playground, neither Avery nor her friends found the tooth.

o-TOOTH-FAIRY-LETTER-570Principal Chris Wejr came to the rescue with a great letter to the tooth Fairy: “If you could please accept this letter under her pillow and leave her a gift for her lost tooth, we would really appreciate it.”

Read the full article here.

Anyone else have a Tooth Fairy tale?


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