Film Friday: P.S. I Love You

ps_i_love_you-1First, ignore what the blurb on the DVD box says. P.S. I Love You is NOT “the best romantic comedy in a very long time.” Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie so have no quarrel with someone assigning the word “best” to it. However, despite several funny scenes and buckets of romance, it’s not a comedy.

Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank star in this hard-to-pigeon-hole movie about a young woman coming to terms with her husband’s death, aided on her journey by a series of letters her husband leaves behind. Each is mysteriously delivered at just the right moment for her to take another step towards a new life.

Gerard ButlerButler plays a charismatic young Irishman, who sings and jokes even after death in the realm of flashbacks. Swank is the woman who always wanted to live according to a plan until that plan unraveled with her husband’s demise.

The letters precipitate much of the film’s action—from singing karaoke to visiting Ireland—but they don’t dominate the film. Letters simply start the ball rolling, and the characters take over from there.

rowboatThe tomatometer on the Rotten Tomatoes film review site showed one of the biggest disparities I’ve ever seen between the opinion of critics and audiences. Critics panned P.S. I Love You, giving it a dismal 26% approval rating; audiences embraced it, with 80% liking the movie. While I agree with critics who felt the film played up the sentimentality, I also have to confess that it worked on me. I liked it.

Film Friday: Do you give P.S. I Love You your stamp of approval?

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