A Book Is Born!

Old-Manhattan-Has-Some-FarmsI just received an advance copy of my new book, Old Manhattan Has Some Farms. It doesn’t matter how many PDFs or galley copies I’ve already seen; a book only becomes real to me when I hold it in my hands. That may pose a problem as society moves more towards ebooks, but for now, I can still enjoy the genuine article.

Old Manhattan Has Some Farms highlights how communities across North America can add locally grown foods to the menu. Each verse is set in a different city—Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta—and covers topics that range from beekeeping to hydroponics to container gardens. Anyone can grow good food, E-I-E-I-Grow!

Charlesbridge Publishing will release Old Manhattan this summer on August 5.

7 thoughts on “A Book Is Born!

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  2. Phoebe Conn says:

    I’d love to have an autographed copy for Connor and Annabel. I’ll buy your book in August. It looks like a great story on a timely and important theme. Last year, I managed to grow one, 1, bell pepper. It was delicious, but my family would have starved to death had they counted on eating my produce!

    • Susan Lendroth says:

      We once grew a watermelon the size of a walnut — a plant not well-suited to container gardens.

  3. Susan L says:

    Congratulations on the publication of your newest book. Can’t wait to add it to my collection of your works!

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