5 thoughts on “Mail Fail

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  2. Abbe says:

    I’ve been blessed with a handful of wonderful postmen/postwomen in the 27 years I have lived in my home, all of them friendly, polite and competent. But I have one complaint about them all, and it’s just too awkward to tell them about it. Out of all the homes on my street, I happen to have the last house on their delivery route. With the multitude of mail they have to carry to each house, some mail, mostly catalogs and magazines, inevitably end up tucked under their arm. Unfortunately, by the time my mail gets to my house, it’s liken to a washcloth that had been soaked in human sweat. Needless to say, it’s lost mail to me — because it goes immediately to the recycling bin without reading.

  3. Phoebe Conn says:

    I sent a copy of my book, CAPTIVE HEART, to a fan in Australia. A couple of weeks later, the padded envelope, sans book, turned up in my post office box. I asked the post mistresses what had happened. The envelope was slit down the side and looked as though it had tire tracks over it, but she thought that was from a postal machine. It still had the customs’ form attached, and she said the customs people had probably opened the envelope to make certain the book didn’t contain contraband, which it didn’t. “So where’s my book?” I asked. She attempted to look into it, but couldn’t find out what had happened. I sent the fan an ebook copy of the book and no longer mail books out of the USA. Somewhere, a customs agent must be enjoying my CAPTIVE HEART, which is a damn good book!

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