Fun Mail

Don’t you enjoy fun mail in your mail box? It’s so rare I was almost more excited to receive this envelope from my agent than the contract inside! Of course, I had already seen the contract in eDoc form, but its arrival still became an occasion with this cheery envelope from Red Fox Literary.

Has anyone received—or better yet, sent—something fun in the last few months?

Cool envelope

2 thoughts on “Fun Mail

  1. Abigail Samoun says:

    It was my pleasure to send it. Contracts should always arrive in celebratory envelopes!

  2. Terry Lim Diefenbach says:

    What a great way to present a piece of mail – it looks all dressed up! I’m sending mail to 2 older ladies in an assisted living home in Dallas as I owe them thanks
    . Unfortunately my mail won’t look quite as inviting as this one . . .

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