Another Titanic Letter

_73954314_73954310Another Titanic letter is in the news—this one poised to shatter auction records as the only extant letter written onboard the ocean liner the same day it struck an iceberg.

“Well, the sailors say we have had a wonderful passage up to now,” wrote Esther Hart to her mother in England. Esther penned the lighthearted note, which has been billed as the “Last Titanic Letter,” on ship’s stationery in the library after lunch.

She handed it to her husband Benjamin to mail when they reached New York. Apparently, he slipped it inside his coat pocket because Esther found it there after the ship sank; after Benjamin wrapped his sheepskin jacket around her before bundling Esther and their 7-year-old daughter Eva into a lifeboat; after her husband, along with more than 1500 other people, perished in the icy Atlantic. Esther never mailed the letter to her “dear ones all.”

Auction estimates are pegged at £100,000. Read more at the BBC.