Film Friday: Dear Frankie

Dear Frankie CoverI love, love, LOVE this movie. Dear Frankie, starring Emily Mortimer, Gerard Butler, and a luminous young actor named Jack McElhone, is that rare delight—a pitch perfect film.

For years Lizzie has told her son, Frankie, that his father is away at sea. She encourages Frankie to write letters to him care of a post office box in Glasgow. Lizzie answers them, talking about the sun beating down on the ship’s rail and the taste of salt air on the tongue. Frankie’s deaf, but we hear his voice through the letters he sends his Da.

Disaster looms when a cargo ship bearing the name of the one Lizzie made up is scheduled to dock in a few days. Frankie asks if his father is coming home, so Lizzie hires a stranger to play his dad for the day, just one special day and he will be off to sea again.

From the lyrical piano music that begins and ends the movie to the gritty, yet beautiful, port side town, Dear Frankie is an unforgettable film. By turns funny and touching, it brims with sentiment but is never sentimental. Plus, let’s not forget hearing Gerard Butler speak with his true Scottish accent!

Add Dear Frankie to your watch list; you won’t regret it.

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